Lubbock-area State Representative John Frullo joined with a State Senator today to announce the joint filing of a bill which could raise awareness of the magnitude of child pornography trafficking in Texas.

Frullo, with Dallas-area Republican State Senator John Carona, announced the joint filing of “Alicia’s Law”, which would provide administrative subpoena power to receive subscriber data on a computer IP address that is trafficking pornographic images of children.

It would also create a revenue stream to create full-time investigative positions with the Texas Internet Crimes Against Children task forces, in the hopes of rescuing more children across the state.

The bill is named after Pennsylvania native Alicia Kozakiewicz who, at the age of 13, was contacted by a predator through the internet, abducted, and held for four days in a basement where she was tortured and raped.

In a statement, Frullo said that “It is a fundamental function of government to keep our citizens safe, particularly the most vulnerable – our children.”