Following an apparent brawl in Odessa between Coronado and Permian High School football players during a post-game handshake on Friday, September 26, the Lubbock and Ector County Independent School Districts have begun to address players' decorum.

According to a press release from Ector County ISD, the fight was a result of a heated, passionate game, but unacceptable nevertheless.

No matter the circumstances, the trash talking, pushing, and shoving that took place during the post-game handshake are unacceptable and any Permian kids who contributed to the situation will face discipline by the school or through the football program.”

Coronado High School Principal Jerry Adams released a complementary statement shortly after the fight but went further by stating Lubbock ISD would defend its students against any false accusations.

It is clear there were students on both sides that made poor choices in a game that was charged with emotion, and there will be consequences for our students who did not conduct themselves appropriately. However, we also will defend our students against any accusations we believe to be untrue. We will continue our investigation in collaboration with Permian High administration and will make determinations based on fact, in order to protect all parties involved.”

As of September 30, Ector County ISD said they considered the matter closed unless new details or evidence comes to light.