Wednesday on Lubbock's First News, Frank Gutierrez spoke with Tom and Laura about his candidacy for the Lubbock City Council District 1 seat.

Gutierrez will make his official announcement January 29 at 10:00 a.m. at City Hall. KFYO reported on Gutierrez's initial statement on his intention to run.

Gutierrez said the efforts to change the airing of citizen comments led him to the decision to run for the position. He feels that restriction access to comments and information is unconstitutional. Gutierrez is a Lubbock native, returning after service in the army. Gutierrez believes that, in spite of Hernandez's support in the district, that he has a chance to win the election. He said, "I think we can work it. A lot of shoe leather involved [and] a lot of resources, but I think we can work it."

Listen to the full interview: