“We will get through this.”

That’s the optimistic attitude of Steve Verett, the executive vice president of Plains Cotton Growers.  He was talking on Lubbock’s First News on KFYO about the drought and the impact on cotton farmers.

Verett was also asked about the potential impact of the drought away from the farm, in cities like Lubbock.

“Certainly where you’ve got over half of this land that has no crop on it right now, all of the inputs that would be going into that crop, whether it's nuts and bolts, or oil or spark plugs, or any kind of supplies that are needed to grow a crop, and it’s a myriad of those, and the people that are involved in doing that seasonal work, maybe the things they would be buying in town, whether it’s groceries, whether it’s clothes, whatever it may be – those things are going to be missing,” Verett said.

And those missing things, Verett says, can have an impact on the economy of the bigger cities on the High Plains, cities like Lubbock.