As if you didn't spend enough time on Facebook already, the social media giant is now working to incorporate music into the site.

According to Wall Street Journal, Facebook is working to make the site more of a hub for music, movies and video games. Just to be clear, though,  Facebook is not creating its own independent music service. Rather, it it letting online music services that already exist, such as Spotify AB, broadcast their music on the Facebook site using a music player.

It sounds like a cool idea, but I wonder if Facebook is trying to do too much here. It's trying to provide all these different services to try to appeal to everybody and their grandmother, when the whole purpose of the site was to allow users to connect with each other. Back when I tried out Google+, I really liked it because it was simple. No frills, no spam, no Farmville, just people connecting with other people. It's like how Facebook used to be when it first launched, and that's the Facebook I liked best.

Instead of adding more and more stuff to Facebook, why not work to improve the features Facebook already has? I really don't need another reason to keep Facebook open all day, anyway.