Starting tomorrow, you might notice a few changes on your Facebook page.

Facebook announced on Tuesday that it would be instituting new privacy options for its users. One of these options includes being able to approve or reject any and all tags or photos you are tagged in.  That means that if someone identifies you in a photo, you now have the option to see the photo and decide whether you want to be identify in the photo or not before it even goes on Facebook. This new change also includes several different reject options, such as removing the tag or asking the person to take down the photo.

Other new options include in-line controls, changing the "Everyone" option to "Public," location tagging, and the ability to view your profile as it would appear to others. The new changes will begin to take effect tomorrow, August 25th.

Although I'm glad that Facebook is giving you the option to check out who's tagging you before it goes all over the Web, it's still small steps. One of the major concerns I have with Facebook is not the privacy options themselves, but how you get to the privacy options. Facebook has been accused of burying its privacy options behind a maze of menus and sub-menus, and I agree.  I'm hoping one of the new changes includes a more streamlined privacy menu.