Whether you're looking for fun games like Angry Birds or Words with Friends; or some helpful, practical apps like Evernote or Flixster, there are some great apps for your smartphones. Unfortunately, the "smart" in smartphone doesn't always apply to the apps. There are a lot of apps out there that will just make you say "What kind of idiot thought this up?" Here's just a couple of apps I found that are particularly stupid:

A fingerprint button will appear on the screen. All you have to do is put your finger on it and hold it there. And hold it. And hold it. And...well, you get the idea. Your score (yes, you actually get scored on this) is based on how long you hold the button. Some may call it a test of patience. I call it the laziest game ever.

It looks like your standard dial screen, but then the numbers start jumping around on the screen. Your job is to be sober enough to dial the correct number. This app is supposed to be a kind of sobriety test to keep you from drunk dialing an ex or something like that. But let me tell you something: if you need an app to tell you that you're drunk, you're already too drunk.

If you're a horrible liar, this app might be able to help. (yeah right...) This app helps you make a "convenient" excuse to hang up on someone by providing the appropriate background noise for your excuse. For example, if you want to make the excuse "I'm in the middle of traffic," you can play traffic sounds from this apps, car engine, honking horns, etc. Other possible excuses include "I'm in the hospital," "A riot is about to break out," and my personal favorite, "Bees! They're everywhere!" Wouldn't it just be easier to say, "I gotta go now. Bye?"

This one made me laugh. This app actually tracks how far apart your contractions are when you're giving birth, and then lets you E-mail the results to family members. All I have to say is...seriously? What woman is going to be using her iPhone in the middle of labor?

Wanna see more? Check out PC Magazine's list of 10 Stupid iPhone Apps. And remember: just because it has "smart" in the title doesn't mean it's can't do dumb things.