We reached into the 40s yesterday and it is 52 degrees outside as I write this, but don't let the warmer temps fool you when walking (or driving) around town. Last night, I bit the big one!

My New Year's resolution isn't to go on a diet, but it is to get ready to hit the slopes which means getting into some kind of shape. Last night my workout regimen began at at the fitness room in my apartment complex. After a very encouraging first gym visit of the year, I set back in the dark to my apartment when I stumbled upon this:

Jave Patterson

It was dark, I was wearing tennis shoes and as soon as I made that fateful wrong step, I knew the ground was coming up to meet my head...HARD! Yep -- the "stars" kind of hard.

I'd guess that the ice, still there due to the shadow from the building during the day, was at least a half an inch thick. My left arm went completely numb. I actually thought I was sitting on my hand when trying to rub my head with my eyes closed, wincing in pain. I opened my eyes to find that my hand was actually on my head. However, I couldn't feel my arm at all, kind of like when you sleep the wrong way and wake up to find a limb that feels like a blown up balloon or pin cushion.

Jave Patterson

Within a few minutes the feeling returned to my arm, but now all I could think about is how badly I screwed up my back or if my head was going to start gushing with blood any second.

Thankfully, my wife has some nursing background and was able to assess my injuries quickly. She didn't see an immediate need for an expensive visit to the hospital. However, my right elbow, lower left back area and back of my head were in pain days later.

The moral of the story here is this: The water and ice is melting more in some areas faster than others. With the frigid temps returning this week, that ice melt will surely lead to icy patches in the least expected areas.

So, keep it slow on the roads and watch your every step over the next few days!