Here is your Morning Brief for January 6, 2015.

Ariel Walden,

Neugebauer and Other Republicans Are Scared

It should not surprise anyone that Congressman Randy Neugebauer along with too many other Republicans are supporting John Boehner as Speaker. Neugebauer told KFYO on Monday that the country needed someone who would "unify" the country moving forward. He believes that person is John Boehner and if you are looking for a person who will give in to Democratic demands, well I guess John Boehner is the answer.

Republicans have a problem and it's not a new problem. Republicans are scared. I've talked about this on the show many times, but it's worth writing about. Just a few months ago, the nation spoke and what they called for was for dramatic change in Washington. They wanted conservative Republican leadership. They wanted the leadership that so many Republican candidates were running on. Republicans ran on stopping Obama on immigration, spending, Obamacare, etc. Republicans sounded as though they had finally grown a pair and were ready to stand up against the President. And then late November came around. John Boehner and the Republican leadership went from standing up to cowering in the corner.

Republicans won all over the country and the GOP leadership is basically in the corner begging Democrats, Obama, and the American people not to hurt them. It's almost like Republican leadership wants to apologise for winning.

Neugebauer telling KFYO on Monday that we need a unifier as Speaker is Neugebauer and other Republicans with the same attitude making the same mistake over and over again. Democrats want to win and after they win, they want to go for the throat. Republicans like Boehner and now Neugebauer want to win... but then they want everyone to make nice.

This is why Democrats will make significant gains in 2016. Republicans aren't stepping up. Instead of bringing in new leadership who is ready to stop Obama and stand up for the American people, they just want to play nice.

Appeasing Obama and the Democrats isn't what they American people wanted. They wanted leadership. Right now, there are very few leaders in Washington in the Republican party.

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