On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, District 83 state representative Charles Perry talked with Chad Hasty about his re-election campaign for the Texas House of Representatives.

During his two terms as representative of District 83, Perry said he has managed to accomplish much of what he set out to do in Austin. He said that one of his major accomplishments is "transformational" education reform, specifically the passages of House Bill 5 and House Bill 2.

"You talk to any school district, any superintendent, any teacher, and they will tell you we did something that nobody expected us to get done. It was something that had evolved over several decades with the No Child Left Behind and some other initiatives put in place, all well intended, but they had missed their mark and had made high school education pretty much irrelevant to a lot of high school kids. So we fixed that with HB 5. I'm looking forward to looking back 5 years from now and seeing a dropout rate that's less and a employer force that's got trained, skilled employees coming out of public school systems with career tech and some of those other things we put in place."

Perry also responded to criticism made by his opponent, LISD Board of Trustees president Steve Massengale, concerning a $5 billion cut in public education. he explained that public school funds were short that year due to a lack of revenue, not because of budget cuts, and added that that right now, education makes up a large majority of the state budget.

Unlike his opponent Massengale, Perry is in full support of charter schools. He also seemed to be in support of school vouchers, saying that although it has not been an issue in his district, he does understand how difficult it is to transfer in and out of school districts in bigger cites such as Houston and Austin. When asked about campus and open carry, Perry said he was in support of campus carry, but still objected to open carry for a number of reasons.

For more information on Charles Perry and his campaign for Texas House of Representative, visit his website at electcharlesperry.com.

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