District 3 City Councilman Todd Klein announced this morning on Facebook that he will not be running for Mayor of Lubbock. Below is the statement Klein posted on his Facebook page.

During my tenure on the City Council, and particularly more so over the last twelve months, I have been encouraged to run for the office of Mayor. I am both very

honored and deeply humbled by the level of support and confidence I have received from my fellow citizens.

My family and I have given this serious consideration over the holidays, and while I want to sincerely thank all those who have urged me to seek that office this Spring, I have decided not to do so.

If I may share my reasons for declining, it came down to two simple questions. Firstly, can I run for the office of Mayor and still have time to focus on the pressing issues of the city, and, secondly, do I need to run for this office to advance our agenda for the public?

The answer I came to on both questions is no. I believe there are several pressing issues before the city that warrant full attention, and being drawn into a campaign cycle detracts from being able to address those issues.

Among those issues that I believe we, as a city, will need to address are ensuring that we have a budget process that instills confidence in the public and is dealt with in a serious and open manner, reforming storm water fees, guaranteeing now that LP&L is finally on firm footing that it remains that way, and that the interests of the citizens and the financial integrity of City Hall are protected in the matter of AAG.

I will continue to work for the agenda of greater accountability, transparency, accessibility, and responsiveness at city hall as well as a more citizen-based and public lead government in general. It continues to be an honor to serve on the City Council in this great city.


Todd R. Klein

Klein did not say whether or not he was considering running for any other elected office. Klein was first elected to the City Council in 2007 and was re-elected in 2010.