On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked with Chad Hasty about his thoughts concerning Syria.

After leaving yesterday's classified briefing on Syria, Neugebauer said he was still convinced the U.S. should not take military action, even though it appeared to be heading that way. However, he says that now, the situation has changed with Russian President Vladmir Putin "bailing out" Obama by suggesting Syria dispose of all their chemical weapons. He explained that, for now, the vote has been delayed until Obama decides whether or not he wants to use the Russians' diplomacy.

"We didn't have a vote, we haven't had a vote, and the Senate hasn't had a vote. And now it looks like they're going to delay any vote until they see if this diplomacy procedure works out. I didn't see this passing in the House. Even after my classified briefing last night, i was still a no. i haven't heard anything yet that compels me to vote for a military strike in Syria."

Neugebauer went on to say that the President has been quite poor at executing his foreign policies, and the situation in Syria is certainly not helping. He added that just because the President got himself into a bind doesn't mean the U.S. needs to rush out and launch a military strike. As for Putin, Neugebauer made it clear that he does not trust him, but right now, his suggestion may be the best bet to calm things down in that area.

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Randy Neugebauer Interview 09/10/13

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