On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked with Chad Hasty about his recent confrontation with a park ranger.

Neugebauer made news yesterday after NBC 4 in Washington caught his confronting a park ranger on camera. Neugebauer explained that, before the cameras started rolling, the park rangers were putting up barricades around the National WWII Memorial, with honor flights scheduled to come in that same day. He said that he had gone to greet the veterans visiting the memorial, but after the veterans were admitted, park rangers started closing up the memorial to the rest of the public under the excuse that the veterans were allowed in under First Amendment rights, which lead to the confrontation.

"There are two things that didn't make sense about that. One is why are we fencing off the memorials? There's no reason to do that. And secondly then, what you're saying in
if you're protesting, you get to go in and honor and see these monuments. But if you're not protesting, you;'re just a regular American citizen, that you don't have the right
to go in."

Neugebauer said that people should be outraged that they are no longer admitted to these memorials, and called the entire decision to shut down the parks a "political stunt" to garner as much media attention to the shutdown as possible. Meanwhile, according to him, the Senate is not taking any action to put a stop to the shutdown, even though Neugebauer and other House Republicans are willing to go to conference and find a way to stop it.

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