On Wednesday's edition of Lubbock's First News, city councilman Todd Klein talked with Chad and Rex about the city council's decision to hold some city council sessions at night.

At yesterday's meeting, the council unanimously voted to hold at least one city council meeting per quarter at night. Klein said that the first time he tried to suggest nighttime meeting was unsuccessful, so he is very pleased with the outcome this time.

Klein said that, ideally, the city council would hold an executive session earlier in the day, and has public comment during the evening hours. He said it was important for the people of Lubbock to have every opportunity to voice their opinions, especially when it comes to matters such as involuntary annexation and the city budget.

Right now, there is not a set date when the first nighttime city council will take place, but Klein said he would like to see one take place before the end of the first quarter, which would be April 1st. He also mentioned he would have liked for the evening meetings to start around 7 PM.