On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Lana Moore, Lubbock City Council candidate for District 1, spoke with Chad Hasty about her campaign.

LP&L continues to be the most prevalent concern for District 1 residents, according to Moore. She said that people in District 1 are incredibly disappointed with the city council and their handling on the LP&L rate increases. She added that the city council must become more involved and take a more active role in dealing with LP&L and the Electric Utilities Board.

Moore also vowed that, if elected, she would not vote for another rate increase unless LP&L agreed to become more transparent.

"...I will pledge not to vote for any rate increase until LP&L opens their books, until they show where this money has gone. They need to be accountable. They need to be transparent.  And until they do, I will not vote for a rate increase."

Moore also spoke about a number of other issues affecting District 1, such as increasing voter turnout and how to increase and incite development in the district. She also took caller questions about hidden taxes and fees, as well as having a more objective mind on the city council.

Early voting for the local elections begins on Monday, April 28th, and election day is May 10th. Listen to the complete interview with Lana Moore here:

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KFYO Lana Moore 04/22/14

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