In response to the controversy over City Councilman Victor Hernandez and his taxes, Councilman Paul Beane is again talking about making changes to the city charter.  Reading through the charter recently, I came across the emergency powers of the mayor, which may give Councilman Beane some ammunition.  Did you  know you can be drafted into the police department, according to the charter?

Emergency powers of Mayor. Whenever the Mayor shall deem it necessary, in order to enforce the laws of the State or of the City, or to avert danger, or protect life or property in case of riot or any outbreak or calamity or public disturbance, or when he has reason to fear any serious violation of law or order or any other danger to the City or its inhabitants, he shall summon into service, as a general police force, all or as many of the citizens of the City as in his judgment and discretion may be necessary and proper, and such summons may be by proclamation or order addressed to the citizens generally, or those of any section or subdivision of the City, such summons may be by personal notice, citation or publication in a City paper; such police force, while in service, shall be subject to the orders of the Mayor, shall perform such duties as he may require, and shall have the same power while on duty as the regular police force of the City, and any person so summoned and failing to obey, or appearing and failing to perform any duty that may be required by this article, shall be fined by the Mayor in any sum not exceeding One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).

Stay tuned for more on the charter.