With Championship Bull Riding coming to the Hub City this weekend, I began thinking about the names which are seen associated with the group.

While it seems as though half the bull riders’ first names are Cody or Corey, you can count on a little more variety from the names of the bulls.

There are a number of good names given to these bitter and bulky bags of beef which will be trying to injure the people on their back, and I’ve chosen to highlight my top five favorite CBR bull names.

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    The thought of flames from Big Tex last year combined with beef brings this bull’s name into my favorites.

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    Itch & Scratch

    The name garners thoughts from me of the Itchy & Scratchy Show off of The Simpsons. Fortunately, cat and mouse violence is on a much smaller scale as opposed to the work that Itch & Scratch is brought in to do.

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    It’s a McDonald’s reference, combined with crazy, since I’m fairly convinced that the bull would be good with special sauce. I however, don't want to be the one to chase it down and make it that way.

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    A seeming homage to MC Hammer’s 1990 hit single “U Can’t Touch This.” The riders’ times on this bull may well be longer than MC Hammer’s music career.

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    Perhaps this is a reminder to the rest of the men in the world to avoid tight pants. I’m fairly sure it would be considered uncouth if I explained this meaning to you, so Google or Urban Dictionary can be your teacher in here. I need this job.