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Cole Shooter,

1. Lubbock City Council (link)

The Lubbock City Council met last night and as of right now the Downtown PAC doesn't have any free land. LEPAA wanted the land and wanted the City of Lubbock to pay for demolishing the old DPS building after they move. Some on the council had a problem with this.

The Council also postponed consideration of a resolution for a commitment agreement between the City and the Lubbock Entertainment and Performing Arts Association. The resolution, if approved, would announce a commitment between the City and LEPAA for a new Performing Arts Center.

Under the resolution, the City would transfer City-owned property at Avenue L and the Marsha Sharp Freeway to LEPAA once they gain $45 million in written commitments for building of the center.

LEPAA originally requested that the City cover the remaining costs of demolishing the DPS building that is currently on the property once DPS moves to their new location in the Lubbock Business Park, a measure with which some Council members took issue.

The group may consider the resolution at their July 11th meeting.

According to KFYO News, the council had other business as well.

At their meeting Thursday evening, the Lubbock City Council approved the first step of a requested annexation.

The petition for annexation was made by Ford Development for approximately 76 acres of land half a mile south of Farm-to-Market Road 1585 just east of Quaker Avenue.

The land, which is owned by Ford Development, would be used as part of their Kelsey Park neighborhood development, which is currently in progress north of the requested annexation site.

The City of Lubbock may only annex the land owned by Ford Development.

A public hearing and two votes from the Council will be necessary for the City to annex the property.

Only one person spoke in opposition to the annexation. Maurice Stanley weighed in, saying “I think right now, until we take care of what we have, we nail down the city limits signs exactly where they are, and when we get that done, we can revisit this and go forward.”

Terry Holman with Hugo Reed and Associates spoke for Ford Development, and said that the expected home price within the development will be in the $400,000 to $450,000 price range.

Holman continued, saying that the “The City is not obligated to extend hard services to this property…as we extend down into this phase, the developer is the one who is required to extend these utilities.”

The Council approved the initial petition 5-1, with District Six Councilwoman Latrelle Joy voting against the measure and District One Councilman Victor Hernandez absent.

While some on the council might have been hesitant at first, in the back of their minds I'm sure they were thinking about the tax money.

2. Perry Attacked Wendy Davis... Somehow (link)

TX Senator and pro-abortion superstar, Wendy Davis, acted as though Governor Rick Perry attacked her on Thursday. All because Perry said Davis had done well in life.

Davis is the daughter of a single mother and the mother of a daughter she had when she was a teenager. Perry pointed out the disappointment in Davis' support for late term abortion considering her background at the National Right to Life Convention Thursday.

“She was the daughter of single woman, she was a teenage mother herself,” Perry said today at the National Right to Life Convention in Dallas. “She managed to eventually graduate from Harvard Law School and serve in the Texas Senate.

“It’s just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example that every life must be given a chance to realize its full potential and that every life matters.”

And what was Davis' response to Perry?

“Rick Perry’s statement is without dignity and tarnishes the high office he holds,” she said to Texas station WFAA. “They are small words that reflect a dark and negative point of view.”

“Our governor should reflect our Texas values.  Sadly, Gov. Perry fails that test,” Davis added.

Davis then sent out a tweet to followers saying:

Attacked? Dark and negative? What the hell is she talking about? No one really knows but I'm sure the pro-abortion folks loved it.

3. Tax Calories (link)

After the AMA came out and said the obesity was a disease, I told people that the Government would eventually want higher taxes on bad food. Here we go!

There may be an economic cure for the nation’s obesity: Hike the price of food.

Raising the price of a calorie for home consumption by 10 percent might lower the percentage of body fat in youths about 8 or 9 percent, according to new research from the National Bureau of Economic Research.

“An increase in the price of a calorie regardless of its source would improve obesity outcomes,” according to a working paper that three researchers prepared for the private, nonprofit bureau.

As the nation confronts an epidemic of flab, many experts have pointed a finger at low food prices as a cause, leading to proposals for taxes on sugary drinks, fast-food and junk food, as well as reductions in government farm subsidies.

The new research, which focused on youths, reinforces the idea that prices affect obesity and that raising fast-food prices would help, although pushing up the prices of healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, might hurt.

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