Here are some of the issues that will be discussed on today’s edition of The Chad Hasty Show.

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Where Do I Start?

After about a week off, I am back on the air today and I have so much to cover. Before I get into the political world I'd like to commend Southwest Airlines. I was in Key West and Miami for the past week and flew back Tuesday night. Storms began rolling in just as we were about to take-off which meant that we had to spend about an hour sitting on the runway. The folks at Southwest did a good job of making people as comfortable as possible during that time and once we were in the air, those of us who wanted a cold beer where able to get one without paying. The pilot also kicked things into gear and made it to Dallas 15 minutes before our connection to Lubbock. The plane heading to Lubbock waited for us and our luggage and we still got into Lubbock a few minutes early.

While not everyone was as lucky as we were to make connecting flights, the folks at Southwest did the best they could to make people happy. Kudos!

As far as politics goes, Congressman Randy Neugebauer announced while I was away that he would not seek re-election. This announcement came as no surprise to me at all. Today on the show and moving forward, we will discuss what type of candidate District 19 needs. I've heard names floated as possible replacements and to be honest, many of them are underwhelming. Though there are some names out there that do interest me and hopefully they will interest the voters as well.

The Pope is in the United States and he is bringing up topics that make for great talk radio fodder. We will discuss some of the Pope's comments on immigrants, climate change, and more today on the show. My question for those who are Catholic is this, do you care about what the Pope says about climate change and Capitalism?

Plus we have so much 2016 news to talk about and take a look back on. Be sure to tune in today and give me a call!

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