Could President Obama issue an executive order to ban firearms? That was the hot topic of the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show.

Vice-president Joe Biden said that President Obama may be considering issuing an executive order in order to deal with the gun issue, calling it a moral issue and claiming that they can "take thousands of people out of harm's way" if they take guns away. Chad, however, isn't buying that argument. He said that the liberals are trying to sell the idea that taking guns away will put an end to all violence, even thought that's not the case, and the liberals know it.

Chad also commented that they would probably go after the "scary-looking" assault rifles first, and that all Obama would have to do to get around the "archaic" 2nd amendment is by issues this executive order. He believes Obama will get the executive order he wants, because all the "low information" voters who put Obama in office will have his back and side with him.

Our callers had plenty to say on this issue. Caller Danny argued that if the 2nd Amendment really is archaic, then the 1st Amendment would also be archaic because, following the liberal's argument, there were no radios or TVs around when the Constitution was written. Caller Jim, on the other hand, said the president could get around it by not banning guns, but restricting ammunition. Caller Gene agreed with Chad that Obama will get what he wants, because Obama thinks he's an emperor, and that no decision on gun control should be made just on pure emotion.

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