A candidate for a Lubbock Water Board was campaigning Wednesday, October 29, at the United Supermarkets located at 4th and Slide after his and other candidates’ signs were stolen overnight.

Patrick McNeill, KFYO News

Greg Lewis is a non-partisan candidate running for reelection to the Water Control Improvement District Number 1, which is the area covering Buffalo Springs Lake. His and other low-ballot candidates signs were stolen including Sandra Lewis, who is also running for WCID #1.

The incumbent candidate said he believed the signs might have been stolen by people who are disenfranchised and tired of seeing political advertisement

“I think a lot of people get sick and tired of elections; of being bombarded by television, newspaper and politicians coming to town," said Lewis. "But, they don’t realize the situation of these low-ballot people”

Lewis said non-partisan candidates – such as himself – running for low-ballot items only campaign through word-of-mouth and signage.

I’m just a public servant. The only thing we have is word-of-mouth and signs."

Lewis said he is still invested in many projects at Buffalo Springs Lake, which is overseen by the county. He said he still has work to do completing improvement to ATV trails. Lewis said he is adamant about keeping the area clean and enjoyable for Lubbock County, without raising gate prices.

We’re spending too much of the County’s money out there (Buffalo Springs Lake). We’re not pinpointing the budget in the right direction and I don’t want to see gate prices go up.”

Greg Lewis said if there was one thing he could express to the county; it would be to vote on Tuesday, November 4, and to not vote straight-ticket because some low-ballot items will be overlooked.

As for Greg, he said he will be voting on November 4, but until then he will be out with his sign to insure the voters are aware of his presence.

Greg Lewis and Supporters - Patrick McNeill, KFYO News