On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show Brad Bailey, co-founder of the Texas Immigration Solution, talked with Chad Hasty about the problems with the immigration system and how to solve them.

The Texas Immigration Solution is looking at the issue and developing solutions on three fronts: "Bibles, businesses and badges." More specifically, Bailey said he is talking with business owners, law enforcement officials, and church leaders to see how immigration is affecting their industries.

Bailey said that one of the top priorities concerning immigration should be protecting our borders. He also talked about revising the guest worker program, including full background checks on all applicants and not permitting applicants to qualify for entitlement programs. However, he also said that some immigration topics are more controversial than others, such as the issues with amnesty and, particularly, citizenship.

"The citizenship component...is something that is being debated in conservative circles, and rightfully so. But many of the individuals that we've spoken to aren't concerned about citizenship. They want to be here to work, they want to pay taxes and do what they have to do, they want to be able to come and go to their home countries. The citizenship angle has gotten everyone stirred up, so I'm interested to see how Congress comes out and has their hearing about what the legislation is going to look like."

For more information on the Texas Immigration Solution, visit their website at texasimmigrationsolution.com or check out their Facebook page.