Last time in Atlas Shrugged Part I, we were left with Dagny Taggart at the top of a hill where she saw massive fields of oil set on fire and a sign next to the field with the words,

"I am leaving it as I found it. Take over. It's yours."

Those words were left by businessman Ellis Wyatt after he shrugged and left the world to collapse and join John Galt with the other minds of business and industry to disappear to their own society on strike.

Part II of Atlas has completely different actors in every role than the first. After the reviews of how stiff and bad the acting was a new direction was taken and I think it was much needed.

As of today, 422 theaters will be showing the movie when it is released on October 12th and Lubbock will be among the those cities on opening weekend. Amarillo will also be on the first release for the movie.

Atlas Shrugged Part II is released in theaters October 12th. For more information on this film, go to