During Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News on KFYO, Alan Eubank of Duct Armor talked about aging air ducts and the ensuing problems these cause, as well as a new way to fix them.

Cardboard tubes have long been used as air ducts for heating and air conditioning systems. However, these will deteriorate if moisture seeps into them, causing the cardboard to break down. This is a problem for multiple reasons, but mostly because it causes pieces of cardboard to be blown into your home. It also attracts termites and grows fungus easily.

Some signs of duct problems in counter flow systems are increased allergy problems at home or a musky smell when the air conditioner is turned on. The only way to be certain of the problem is to get video footage of the inside of the duct.

Allan Eubank has been working on remodeling homes for 28 years and has seen a lot of aging air duct problems. When these problems arise in a counter flow system, there are two options. The first is to have the air ducts put into the attic, which is an expensive and tough job. The second, cheaper, and more innovative fix is to use a rubber based spray-on liner inside of the old ducts.

"This acrylic product that is enviromentally friendly, it's non-allergenic, it's green, it will dry into a rubber, flexible product. It has been tested in labs, it will not culture mold," Eubank said.

Duct Armor is a company that started as a truck bed-liner business. They developed a spray on coating for the interior of air ducts that prevents moisture from destroying the cardboard, while also protecting it from termites and molds. Eubank applies two coats of Duct Armor to the inside of air conditioning ducts. "We use a camera system that I am watching as the product goes on. It's taped to an airless spray hose with an open tip on the end of it. It sprays a cone shape," Eubank explained. "I give a command to the guy in the trailer, he turns the pump on, and then I just start dragging the hose and I'm watching it flow," he said.

The price of this treatment depends on the specific system being worked on. If Eubank takes a look at the air ducts in a home and finds no treatment is needed, he does not charge any money for the inspection.

To reach Alan, call or text his cell at (806) 549-1849. For more info on the product and procedure, visit the Duct Armor website.

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