You do know the band no longer exists, right?

Thanks to our friends at Premiere Cinema and Cinemark Tinseltown you can check out Rush: Cinema Strangiato on the big screen. That's right, the big Rush 40 film will be on two screens in Lubbock.

With Rush no longer being a functioning unit after the death of drummer/lyricist Neil Peart, your best chance to experience the band is up on the big screen. I've done the "concert in theaters" thing a number of times and I have to say it's top-notch. Sure, it's not as exciting as being around a live concert audience, but there are benefits, like being able to see the players up close, not having beer spilled down your back and, of course, having the ability to go to a clean restroom whenever you want.

The film is being presented to salute the 40th anniversary of the band's Moving Pictures album and contains some never-before-seen performances. It's also worth noting that the film features the last recorded performance by drummer Neil Peart.

The showing will be on September 9th, 2021. I recommend it to all fans of any type of music. Rush flat-out put on a clinic in their live shows and it should be of special interest to musicians. It was always amazing to me how the three of these guys came together for such a full band sound. (Hint: some of it's Geddy playing keyboards with his feet while he plays bass.)

I believe we'll be seeing more and more live music in this manner, and this Rush film may be the perfect place for you to start.

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