By now you have heard that Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced in Lubbock on Tuesday that all Texas businesses will be able to fully reopen at 100 percent capacity beginning March 10th. Also happening on March 10th, the mask mandate in Texas will go away.

In his speech, Governor Abbott said that while the mandates are going away, individual responsibility is not. The governor made it a point to say that if stores wanted to have people wear masks or if individuals wanted to wear masks, they could.

Even Beto O'Rourke, who some are speculating could run for Texas governor in 2022, got in on the drama by saying Gov. Abbott's moves were "a death warrant for Texans."

Really? A death warrant?

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Memo to Democrats and others who are lashing out about the end of the mandates: you can still wear a mask if you want to wear one. Businesses can still ask people to wear masks, and I bet there will be many citizens who will continue to wear a mask for the time being. The governor isn't saying stop or that you're a terrible person if you socially distance or wear a mask. He's simply, finally, saying that it's not his job to make you wear a mask.

It's your life and your responsibility. Wear a mask if you want. But don't be overly dramatic about this and act like Governor Abbott is taking your mask away from you.

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