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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill that will eliminate the need for Texans to go and get their vehicles inspected each year for safety. For years, people have been calling for the end of vehicle inspections and it has been something that lawmakers have been working towards for a while.

And for the most part, I support ending the inspections. I get the arguments against ending the inspections, that people will drive with vehicles that are unsafe or ride on tires that are about to go. But that goes back to personal responsibility and let's be honest, drive around for a bit and you are sure to see someone driving dangerously or with a vehicle that doesn't look very safe. Heck, sit in the parking lot of your favorite home improvement store and just watch how many people attempt to load wood and other items that don't fit and then drive off with wood and other materials hanging out the back of a hatchback.

Back to the bill though. While it may sound good that the safety inspections are going away, this bill isn't that great. First, this bill doesn't even kick in until January 1, 2025. Second, if you live in one of the 17 most populous counties in Texas, you still have to take your vehicle in every year for an "emissions inspection". According to the Dallas Morning News, if your car was manufactured in the last two years or is older than 24 years old, you don't have to have this inspection either. But if your car is three years old, yep you have to get it inspected.

Another downside of this bill? You are still paying the fee. That's right Texans, you will now be paying an inspection fee for an inspection you are no longer required to get.

So while you may not be inconvenienced anymore (unless you live in a large city) the government is still taking your money, and now you aren't even getting anything for them taking your money.

Gee, thanks Texas Lawmakers.

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