Do you want to win a sleigh load of meat for Christmas?

We've teamed with Raider Red Meats to give away a $250 gift card for the holidays. Now we probably don't have to talk you into entering for free meat, but let's do a deep-dive into this.

First off, Raider Red meat is award-winning, top quality stuff. You can go down and grab fresh meat or items from the freezer but right now you can also get as gift-y as you wanna be.

Wanna mail a Texas gift to someone? How about a box featuring jerky, sauces, and seasonings? Wanna pass along a prime rib? That can be done, too. There's even a smoked meats package with custom bacon and sausage.

Think about this, because this is what I did. I picked up one of the three-to-four-pound trimmed smoked briskets and threw it in the freezer. When company came over, I defrosted it and I had an amazing meal ready to go. The briskets supposedly feed eight to ten people, but I feel like I got a lot more use of mine. There's also the convenience of having an already cooked spiral cut ham or deep-fried cajun turkey.

You can shop in-store, online, or even arrange a curbside pickup.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get entered now. You're gonna love this $250 certificate from Raider Red Meats. We'll draw the morning of December 15th, 2020 so you'll have plenty of time to plan your holiday meals.

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