Jackson Mahomes, the little brother of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is currently being roasted online because of a TikTok he posted this weekend.

The TikTok in question is of the younger Mahomes doing a popular TikTok dance on the sidelines of the Chiefs vs. Broncos game in Denver, Colorado. This seems to be a trend for him now, as he posted a very similar video just a week prior while at his brother’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. When I see these videos, I just think he's being a supportive younger brother having fun at his big bro’s game.

So, what’s the problem? Apparently, people couldn't get past the jacket Jackson was sporting in the video. So much so that they decided to roast him for it.

Jackson Mahomes is sporting a Kansas City Chiefs jacket that has 'Mahomes' on it, along with his brother’s jersey number. The issue people are having is that the ‘e’ in his last name seems to be missing from the jacket.

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Apparently, everyone who was hating on him due to the supposed missing ‘e’ doesn’t have any common sense, and Patrick Mahomes' fianceé, Brittany Matthews, didn’t hesitate to let them know that.

She responded to a tweet hating on Jackson by saying, "y’all are ignorant," digging into them even more: "Y’all have no sense if you think this is accurate. Be better." Matthews mentioned how there were plenty of photos taken that day that shows that his last name was spelled correctly on the jacket.

It only takes a tiny amount of brainpower to understand that the jacket simply had a crease in it, making it look like the letter 'e' was missing. The fact that people took it upon themselves to hate on someone over something so silly is ridiculous. Unfortunately, there will always be ignorant people out there that feel the need to bring others down in order to make themselves feel better when, in reality, all it does is make the hater look bad.

I give major props to Brittany Matthews for standing up for Jackson Mahomes. She's experienced her fair share of hate online, and she isn't afraid to stand up for herself or her loved ones. I also give props to Jackson for acknowledging that he gets a lot of hate, but still makes videos that make him happy. Even his TikTok bio says, "I get bullied a lot but I'm still here."

Keep at it, Jackson. Just keep being yourself and let the haters continue to embarrass themselves.

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