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Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley joined The Chad Hasty Show on Monday to discuss how the Trump administration is responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Gidley told KFYO that President Trump thinks Governor Greg Abbott is doing a "great job" in his handling of the coronavirus in Texas. Gidley said President Trump believes that Governors best know their states and when they can reopen.

Gidley told KFYO that the federal government has sent over 1 million N-95 masks to Texas and that the work will continue to build up reserves in case there is a second large wave later in the year.

Gidley also responded to former President Barack Obama's comments from over the weekend when Obama called Trump's handling of the pandemic "absolute chaotic disaster".

I'm not going to take a lesson on running a clean administration from the likes of Barack Obama. We've seen what they've done whether they had the IRS targeted conservatives back when he was President, they've also targeted this administration during the campaign, things that should make you scared, make you terrified if you're an American citizen they can go after someone like Flynn the way they did with the FBI weaponized. They can do it to anybody. That's a dangerous and scary place to be. Look, I know there's going to be time for political posturing the Democrats seem to never stop doing it. Regardless of the circumstance, you'd think during a pandemic or crisis he may want to offer some solutions maybe some ideas on how to fix things as opposed to running off at the mouth about this President and the incredible job that we've done here.

Listen to the full interview above.

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