It could be that Bleacher Report is just trying to back up making Mahomes a breakout candidate at the NFL combine, but they now have him going in the Top 10 after his combine performance.

The latest Patrick Mahomes praise piece from Bleacher Report features a mock draft where he's drafted by the Buffalo Bills at number 10 overall. That's in the first round. Like, only nine picks before him. That's insane -- or is it?

The quarterback position in the NFL is so heavily skewed toward the really important side of the 'does this position matter scale' that it's worth it to pick a project that has huge potential in the top 10.

By the way, huge potential always means the opposite is possible. As they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

As far as Mahomes' combine performance goes, he was mildly disappointing in the 40-yard dash running a 4.8, but Mahomes has never been a dual-threat QB. He's very good at running the read option at the goal line, but he's never showed impressive straight line speed. I don't think a slow 40-yard dash hurt his stock.

Mahomes ran the top 20-yard shuttle time out of all QBs, which proves his burst and athleticism is among the tops at the position. In fact, his 4.08 shuttle would rank as the third best out of all the WR. Better than any TE. Better than any RB. You get the idea.

You can check out all Mahomes' Combine stats at

In fact, Mahomes has been getting praise from a lot of places:

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Even's draft guru Mel Kiper thinks Mahomes had a positive combine experience, saying: "Mahomes put on an impressive display in the on-field workouts, showing that he can make all of the throws." Kiper added toward the end of his excerpt on Mahomes that the former Texas Tech quarterback "is a sponge who wants to learn and develop, and he'll work hard to learn the playbook when he's drafted."

It hasn't all been roses for Mahomes as far as feedback goes, however. Kiper himself said that Mahomes' footwork and mechanics on tape are maddeningly inconsistent. Kiper also has reservations about Mahomes and his Air Raid experience at Texas Tech.

One of the biggest negatives I've seen since the Combine is Mahomes' NFL comparison to Jay Cutler.

It's the gunslinger mechanics, which were on full display at the Combine, that will either endear or turn away most NFL teams. With a guy like Patrick Mahomes, you're signing up for a Matt Stafford, Brett Farve or Philp Rivers type of success. You also might be signing up for Blaine Gabbert or Kordell Stewart. Not as enticing.

The team that takes Mahomes will have to work on his footwork and mechanics for him to be a successful quarterback. It's obvious Mahomes will put in the work, it's just the question of if the situation will be right.

Not every quarterback coach is created equally. Along those lines, not everyone can be coached. That's not necessarily a bad thing; some people just live with bad form.

Jim Furyk in the PGA. Philip Rivers throws like Uncle Rico. Matt Stafford throws side armed. Brett Farve threw underhanded touchdowns. Hunter Pence has a terrible baseball swing. Clayton Kershaw has a hitch in his giddy up.

All of those players are still successful, despite bad mechanics.

That's the risk that NFL teams are taking with Patrick Mahomes, and for what it's worth it seems like more and more teams are willing to take that risk.

In the first round.

See Patrick Mahomes in action with Texas Tech below

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