Singer Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks and writer, actress and artist Jo Harvey Allen were inducted into the West Texas Walk of Fame Thursday afternoon (September 17).

The ceremony at Lubbock High School was inspiring, poignant and not without its unexpected moments, including a funny anecdote where Allen talked about calling Maines a "sweet little s---" when she was a young girl. The pair goes way back, and you could tell.

But both had long, winding and very different paths to their induction into the West Texas Walk of Fame.

Jo Harvey Allen has a resume of staggering proportions, including playwright, singer, actress and radio deejay. Allen has paved the way for many women to be where they are today and have the opportunity to accomplish success previously unprecedented.

Maines' career took off as lead singer of the hugely popular country band The Dixie Chicks. The group went on to win dozens of awards since forming in 1989, including 13 Grammy Awards (out of 23 nominations), six Billboard Music Awards and eight ACM awards.

The singer has always been outspoken and independent. In a society that tries to mold us, especially women, into a cardboard cutout, Maines has remained true to herself and her music over the years.

Maines released her first solo album titled "Mother," which included the cover of Pink Floyd's song "Mother." It's a top-shelf version. It's more along the lines of rock. Maines collaborated with Ben Harper, who co-produced the album. Rollling Stone magazine called the album one of the year's best.

Natalie Maines and The Dixie Chicks will be touring Europe in 2016. No official word if the band will also play the U.S., though Maines herself has hinted at the possibility.

Watch both Natalie Maines and Jo Harvey Allen be inducted into the West Texas Walk of Fame below.

Natalie Maines' Acceptance Speech

Jo Harvey Allen's Acceptance Speech