If you have a need for speed but don't want to have your car insurance rates jacked up to the sky, have we got good news for you.

Talk about telegraphing your punches.

This week, the Lubbock Police Department is engaging in what's called "targeted traffic enforcement" in several areas of the city. Primarily, those areas where people tend to drive like complete a-holes.

From the LPD's Facebook page:


Hey, Lubbock!
We've got some targeted traffic enforcement coming your way, and being your friendly neighborhood police department and all, we wanted to let you know when and where this will be taking place so no one is surprised...and you don't get stopped.
Taking place February 8th and 9th (i.e. Tuesday & Wednesday), our officers will be focusing traffic enforcement in the following areas....
Interstate 27 from New Deal city limits south to 82nd Street.
U.S. 62 from Wolfforth city limits to Idalou Highway.
Loop 289 North Interstate west and then south to east of U.S. 84.
So, don't be surprised when you see extra officers in the area!


Well, isn't that nice of them, letting us now exactly where their attention will be focused so that I can rip up the road and lay some serious rubber down Slide Road or anywhere else that's not a highway.

That means that everywhere else in Lubbock is going to look like a scene from Death Race 2000.


Now, before you pour VP Racing Fuel into your hatchback, this obviously doesn't mean that we can go all Mad Max this week, as there are sure to still be plenty of public servants standing by to gift you with a friendly reminder that you were going too darned fast.

Conversely, this could all be an elaborate smokescreen, and there won't be ANY OFFICERS in those locations, because no one in their right mind would tempt fate by flooring it on Marsha Sharp (like I do) and then the entirety of the LPD are going to be everywhere else, waiting for you to try and blow the dust out of your muffler on Milwaukee.

Admittedly, they do need to start citing people on I-27 for going too freaking slow. I mean, the average speed on I-27 between 82nd and 4th is about 38 miles per hour on a good day. That's the danger, in a nutshell.

Happy motoring.

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