A Lubbock woman paid a visit to her mother's grave only to find that an urn had been stolen from the spot.

Allison Hoffman placed flowers in the urn each time she visited, but now there's just a hole where it should be.

Hoffman told KAMC News: "My sons and I went to my mom's graves site, which is it at Resthaven and we went over there to put some flowers down and when I walked over I noticed that the metal urn was missing."

Lt. Ray Mendoza with the Lubbock Police Department called the crime "heartless."

"You're on the edge there of people who might still be grieving for family members, people who are still coming regularly to visit the graves and spent a lot of time and effort to keep the sites well-manicured and well-kept and then to have someone and actually desecrate it is very heartless and quite shameful," Lt. Mendoza said [quote via KAMC].

Resthaven does not have any cameras on the premises. Hoffman believes the grave's location may have made it an easy target for thieves looking on from 19th street.

If caught, Lt. Mendoza says the thief will face a Class B misdemeanor.

If you know any information that may lead to an arrest, call the Crimeline at 741-1000.

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