The University of Texas has ranked No. 1 in fastest growing number of colleges with Sugar babies, which are females seeking wealthy benefactors commonly known as Sugar daddies.

The website playing the middle man between the two is

Their introductory tagline reads:

College Sugar Babies receive an average $3,000 per month allowances and gifts from Sugar Daddies. Don't waste precious study hours at a minimum wage job. Connect with generous benefactors on

My concern is that when I was in college, I made several decisions, not taking the time to investigate what I was getting into or the potential outcome or outcomes. I thought I knew what I was doing, only to find out I didn't have the whole story. In a couple of instances, the outcome was less than favorable.

With human trafficking becoming more prevalent in the United States and, specifically, Texas, how do these young women know that these "benefactors" have their best interests at heart and don't have some ulterior and/or sinister motives?

The answer is that they don't.