On The Chad Hasty Show Thursday, Chip Roy, Director of the Center for the Tenth Amendment Action at the Texas Public Policy Foundation joined the show to talk about health care insurance reform and the lack of serious desire on the part of Republican leadership to simply repeal "Obamacare".

Roy and Hasty discussed the processes currently in motion, with Roy describing the GOP's lack of momentum in repealing the current plan, and opting instead to replace "Obamacare" with another large, complicated federal program.

Roy said,

The problem is cost, everybody's feeling it right? We're feeling the premiums go up, we're feeling the health care costs go up. That's what's underlying the problem of Obamacare. The solution to that is not to have the federal government come in with another bill which is also based on Medicaid expansion, on subsidies and on regulation. And that's what we have with the GOP proposal.

While talking about Republican leadership in the U.S. Senate, and their refusal to recognize that Obamacare was flawed, that is does have budgetary impact, and simply repeal it, Roy said,

They need to have the will to do it, and unfortunately they often do not.

Roy and Hasty also talked about Senator Ted Cruz's work to incite some movement on other fronts to adopt a truly conservative healthcare insurance plan.

Listen to the entire interview with Chip Roy in the video above.

More information on Chip Roy and the TPPF is available on the Texas Public Policy Foundation website.

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