Another month, another major problem with the water supply for the city of Tahoka.

Yesterday, the city's water supply was shut off for a few hours as repairs were made because of a break in another main.  Residents will have to boil water through at least Monday.

Tahoka has had over five Boil Water Notices issued since August, because of major problems with their water mains.

Back in December, Tahoka city officials stated they were going to apply for grants to try to bring in the necessary funds to replace their aging infrastructure.

I hope they are able to receive the funding because life must be tough in Tahoka right now.  For the most part, Texans are always great at adapting to their living conditions (raining mud, Dust Bowl, Hurricane Ike), but having to endure constant problems with your water supply can be an endless source of worry and frustration.

Of course in Lubbock we had few problems with busted water mains during the construction of the Marsha Sharp Freeway a few years ago. However, there were only isolated cases of residents being affected.

And here's a really scary thought:  If there is a disaster with the water supply from Lake Meredith (of what little we now get) or the wells in Roberts County, before the Lake Alan Henry Pipeline comes online, we could be in the same situation Tahoka is in.

Yes, I realize that some might say that is an alarmist sentiment, but with the water supply and infrastructure so fragile to begin with, problems become magnified.


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