On the Thursday edition of Lubbock's First News, Ambassador Tibor Nagy Jr., Texas Tech University's Vice Provost of International Affairs joined Tom and Laura in studio. Ambassador Nagy discussed many subjects pertaining to current world events.

On the Ebola situation in Africa, he stressed that the disease is not affecting very much of Africa, since it is roughly as large as the United States, China, India and most of western Europe combined. He added that the Ebola virus, while very dangerous, is currently contained in only a small portion of the continent. He also spoke about the recent White House summit with most of the heads of state of Africa, and what a large economic potential there is in Africa.

On the conflict between Russian and Crimea,  he believes that President Putin is trying to put back together at least some of the old Soviet Union, and that Putin is doing it piece by piece. He said that Russians overwhelmingly believe that Crimea should be part of Russia.

"He [Putin] wants a very weak Ukraine that is dependent on Russia. He wants to reimpose the influence that the old Soviet Union had around the whole periphery and he's doing it a bit at a time."

He advises that Putin is also taking actions and playing games in central Asia, where many of the countries are major gas exporters, and that those actions are getting little notice in the news.

On the unstable situation in the Middle east, Nagy says that there may be no immediate solution coming, and that instability may continue for many years to come.

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