The Walking Dead has at least a week before we all brace for the finale impact of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s arrival as Negan, but like the man himself, who has that kind of patience? A new international promo gives us our first look at the new big bad, barbed-wire bat and all.

You’re warned of spoilers from here on out, but someone seems to have jumped the gun beyond this Sunday’s “East,” as a new promo takes us right to the moment of Negan’s famous comic introduction, in which someone from #TeamRick suffers the wrath of a barbed-wire bat Negan lovingly names “Lucille.” if recent rumors are to be believed, we might not actually learn said victim until Season 7, but plenty of reason to be scared for the 90-minute finale regardless.

In any case, we’ll likely tangle with the Saviors once more in penultimate Season 6 installment “East” this coming Sunday, but what do we make of Negan’s first appearance? Will Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s take on the character prove every bit as memorable as we hope?

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