You've owned it. You're driving it, and you are controlling what you can. Life is simple & good. Now what?

Well .. no matter how happy or sad you are, no matter how successful or respected in life and/or work, no matter what: ALWAYS be interviewing. Why? Three reasons:

One - it gathers intel. You need to know. It doesn’t matter if you want to know .. you NEED to know. 

Two - it brings serious truth to your life. That’s ALWAYS a good thing.

Three - You’ll never be more secure and confident otherwise.

Gathering intel! It matters because while ignorance may be bliss, you will be left behind or taken advantage of for that which you do not know. That means being ignored or subject to tedium or slavery. Being passed over for promotion or missing major opportunities.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is wisdom. Knowledge is everything.
You can have power and be an idiot .. look at Joe Biden.
You can have money and be a loser .. just look at Hunter Biden.
You can have a plan, goals or dreams and still FAIL .. look at the Biden Family.

I’m not talking “polls”, I’m talking real intel. Reality. Consistent, provable truths.

So interview.

You’ll find out the truth about you and your situation in life = are you as good as you think you are? Are you solid and as stable as you think you are? Does the actual truth match your perceived reality based upon “feelings”?

You won’t KNOW unless you interview. Ask questions and get asked questions. Questions are GOOD! Leftys say NO, questions are bad, but they are wrong.

Thinking and feeling is not the same as knowing; not even close. I can ask a three year-old what 2+2 is and they'll think about it. They might feel something .. but they do NOT know.

The security & confidence comes from the process. It looks like this:
- interview in as many departments within your company as possible over time. It will be a revelation versus Break Room Banter, Beliefs and BS.

- interview for your same job at competitors. You’ll know immediately if you are overpaid & under-worked or under-paid and over-worked .. or maybe you are blessed to be where you are! How would you ever know otherwise? Don’t trust speculation and rumor.

- always have an updated resume and keep that online presence active and alive. People are looking for Free Agent "STARS" 24/7. You sleep an average of 1/3 of the day away .. the internet never sleeps.

- always know your Street Value. By doing all of these things you will know your TRUE worth. Not the shelf-load of Participation Trophies, not what your friends & parents say, not what you “feel” about yourself .. but the ACTUAL truth.

Sure - it’s scary and it’ll probably hurt, but the truth is worth it, yes? You bet it is. And just be aware that you are betting everything on this fact. The truth always wins. Play the odds; get 'em in your favor as much as possible! Plan for potential outcomes and accept whatever comes your way.

I'm looking forward to future conversations! Thanks for being here.

I'll see y'all on the radio.

- McDermott

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