I had an epiphany tonight about so-called "know it alls" (like myself).

There are two types of people when it comes to HEARING new or different things: those that will only listen if they are being taught/informed by a stranger and those that don't care how they get it, they love it.

I say "stranger" because some of the most ugly and hostile rebukes I've ever received have come from former friends and family members. I've watched as random third parties repeat what I once said at some point .. and they accept, or at least tolerate it, much much better.

I'm the latter. I thirst for more but I'll admit that, at the same time, there's a lot that I hate knowing about yet am glad that I do know, also. It's a strange existence but I dig it.

And the one other thing I noticed about myself, and all of the other people I know that get put down at some point or another, is that we are: always reading, trying to have discussions and love book stores, libraries and research engines. The people who put us down? They do not adhere to any of this. They only read very narrow and specific areas, topics and genres. Lucky, if they do that at all.

They then only delve into new territory if someone they trust has already seen/read it. They risk/chance little to nothing.

If I was truly a "know it all", I'd be done. I'd be quiet. I wouldn't have such a desire to ask questions; interview and investigate. This is my proof! Every time I open my mouth, or publish, I'm risking a lot.

And it scares me not at all. They .. cannot say the same.

The people who try to shut us down and hurt us with their mockery and insults are actually the REAL "know it alls". They're done. They do not want more because they don't need any more. They got it. Done. "I've heard all I can stand .." and so on.

These are the people who come up with terms like "settled science" but also "living your own truth (s)" etc. Whatta joke.

They are the ones who want silence; no more questions.

They are the ones who loathe the contrary opine.

They are the proprietors of hate and banning.

I love my (wanna) know it all friends - we are the adventurous and brave seekers of truth and wisdom. There is joy in the journey and the revelation.

They .. will never know the joy of any of it, because, if you never allow doubt (s) and thus deny their resolution (s) via never seeking certainty, then you will never EVER know that anything is CERTAIN. And if you don't have certainty, brother .. you have nothing. Not a drop of joy.

Look around.

Who are the MOST miserable? The Banners, Blockers, Deleters and Cancellers?
It's not the so-called "know it alls".

I knew it all along.

- McDermott

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