The Ride for Change is gearing up for another year on the road, visiting 10 total markets, as we raise funds to assist kids who would like to participate in their school band, but would otherwise be unable to do so, financially.

This year's ride will take place May 3rd through 15th, while the overall fundraising efforts will extend through the end of June. Like last year, we'll be visiting Midland/Odessa (May 3rd), Lubbock (May 4th), Amarillo (May 5th), Lawton (May 6th), Wichita Falls (May 7th), Texarkana (May 10th), Tyler (May 11th), Victoria (May 13th), San Angelo (May 14th), and Abilene (May 15th).

The date between our Tyler and Victoria stops, May 12th, will be spent visiting with State Representative Stan Lambert at the Capitol in Austin.

Why did we choose "band instruments" for this year's ride? Well, multiple reasons, really. The primary reason is because liberal arts funding, in many school districts, has been decreasing each year. Also, it just makes sense for those of us that work in radio.

Music is our life, literally. Not only does music allow me to put food on my table, but it's also the foundation of who I am. I'd be lost without music as an outlet for any/all emotions.

As a former band nerd, I cherish the days I spent in middle and high school band. I learned quite a few life lessons in band. Heck, marching band taught me how to march in time. That became incredibly useful, years later, during Army Basic Training.

Many kids want to join their school band, but some find it impossible as the expense (of the instruments) is too much for their families to afford. So, we'd like to help #KeepMusicAlive by assisting these kids in band.

Who knows, the kid we help today just may be the next big star we play on our radio stations in the future. They have to start their musical journey somewhere, right?

Click here to donate to The Ride for Change and please comment which market you'd like your donation to benefit.

We'll be announcing locations where you can make in-person donations soon, so please keep checking back.

You can also follow The Ride for Change on Facebook for more details.

So, please join me, and The Ride for Change, as we do our part to make a difference in the lives of kids all across our area.

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