Do you ever feel unsafe while filling up your car with gas? Jerry Reynolds has started a petition to standardize gas caps to always be on the driver's side to add a safety measure for driver's while they fuel up and elsewhere.

The Car Pro, Jerry Reynolds, has started this petition in response to a widespread want for the gas cap to be on the right side of a possible new vehicle. He says that this would be much more safe in the event that a stranger approaches a driver.

"Why not standardize it?" Jerry asks. He says that his main goal is safety of everyone but especially female drivers.

The petition must have the set amount of signatures in 30 days. You can sign with your email here.

While on the show, The Car Pro talked about his latest car reviews and the new news on Toyota recalls. The Toyota recalls were in regards to a malfunction with seat belts in 1+ million RAV4 SUVs.

For more information on the gas cap petition, visit Jerry Reynolds' full article.