Thursday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, The Car Pro Jerry Reynolds joined Dave and Matt to talk about his test drive of the week, the continued car shortage, as well as other auto industry news.

This week The Car Pro was test driving the 2021 Nissan Murano Platinum, Nissan's all-wheel drive 5 passenger SUV. Jerry started the discussion by saying that it has been a while since he reviewed the Murano, with the last one being in 2017, and that it has evolved in a lot of ways. The main thing that surprised Jerry, and also the thing that he really liked about the car, was that it is a bit old-school. The car has a 6 cylinder engine that puts out 265 horses as opposed to most cars nowadays that have a 4 cylinder engine with a turbo, it has a CD player, an actual spare tire, actual knobs to change the volume and channel surf, and does not come with a start/stop system, which Jerry actually prefers as he is not a fan of those systems. The Murano also has beautiful quilted leather seats that are super comfortable, an unusual grey color that Jerry says looks good, and 20 inch wheels. Reynolds said that he wouldn't quite call this a luxury SUV, but it is pretty close. The 2021 Nissan Murano Platinum has a window sticker price of $49,000, which could be considered a lot for a 5 passenger.

The Car Pro also talked about several stories on his website, including a report on the continued vehicle shortage, the car sales numbers for small, medium, large, and large luxury cars, as well as a story on how Elon Musk will be hosting Saturday Night Live.
Read more stories at and listen to the full interview with Jerry Reynolds in the video above.
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