Thursday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, The Car Pro Jerry Reynolds joined Dave and Matt to talk about his test drive of the week, Ford reporting sales again, why December is the best time to buy a car, as well as other auto industry news.

This week The Car Pro was test driving the 2021 Ram TRX, which Jerry calls the most powerful production pickup ever made. The truck has 6.2 liter V8 Hellcat engine that gets 702 horses straight from the factory. Jerry explained that the TRX is a great truck with fantastic exhaust and sound, saying, "It is a beast, fellas." The truck is 4 wheel drive, and has big tires and wheels that would allow it to go off-road easily, but despite this, Jerry said that it would be a good daily driver. The truck also has plenty of backseat room, has a 12 inch computer screen display on the dash, is easy to park and turn despite what Jerry expected, and even has a launch button that tells you how to do a perfect burnout using timing indicators on the dashboard. The truck has a window sticker price of $89,000, and Jerry said he is curious how Ford will respond with their next truck to compete with this.

The Car Pro also talked about several stories on his website, including a story on the sales results for November, including Ford's return to sales numbers, top residual value awards, which Jerry thinks is very important to tell you about your resale value, and a big story about why December is the time to get yourself a bargain when buying a car, due to all the incentives that car sellers pack in at the end of the year.

Read more stories at and watch the full interview with The Car Pro Jerry Reynolds in the video above.
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