Thursday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, The Car Pro Jerry Reynolds joined Matt Martin and guest host Paul R. Beane to talk about his test drive of the week, as well as other auto industry news.

This week, The Car Pro was test driving the 2020 Buick Encore GX, a new entry from Buick. It was clear from the beginning that Jerry was not particularly impressed with this model, saying that it was in fact the first 3 cylinder engine car that he has reviewed. The car has a 1.3 liter 3 cylinder engine that puts out 155 horses, which Jerry said gave the car adequate power, but not great. The car gets 30 miles the gallon in town, but only 32 on the highway which surprised Reynolds because there is typically a much larger spread. The biggest positive that Jerry had to say about the car was that it is roomier on the inside than it appears on the outside, with good cargo area and good seat size, with the exception of the back seat which has cramped leg room, but can fold flat for extra cargo room.

Boy for me, I just think there's better choices out there.

The car has a window sticker price of $34,000. Jerry ended the review by reiterating that for him, he doesn't think he could ever get over the engine, and that he is trying to look forward to the Corvette that he will be receiving soon.


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