Thursday of KFYO Mornings the Car Pro Jerry Reynolds joined Dave King and Matt Martin to talk about the recent news in the auto industry as well as his test drive of the week, the BMW 640i.

Jerry described the car as having a very large hatchback, almost like an SUV, saying, "if you put the back seats down, I think you can put 65 cubic feet of luggage in there. There's a lot of compact SUVs that won't do that." The car also has a remote control that when pressed, will cause the car to park itself with no one behind the wheel, to which Jerry commented, "It's space age." The car had a sticker price of about $85,000.

The Car Pro also talked about recent auto industry related news around the US such as the rising gas prices, the Toyota Camry being the number one selling car for 15 years in a row, the industry as a whole being down 1.8% from last year, and how people in the state of Oregon can now pump their own gas.

You can read that article and more at and listen to the full interview with Jerry Reynolds in the video above.

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