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This will be a summer that Peggy Jones and her husband Wendell will never forget. The couple who live in Silsbee, Texas which is north of Beaumont have been married for almost 45 years. They live on property that has been in the family since 1850 according to CNN. They property is large enough that both Peggy and Wendell split the yard work. One mows the front, the other the back. And that's what leads us to the crazy story that happened at the end of July.

Snake Falls From Sky Lands On Woman, Hawk Swoops In For Epic Battle

According to the report from CNN, Peggy Jones was mowing the back of the property when "all of a sudden, out of the clear blue sky, a snake fell … and landed on my arm" Peggy told CNN. She estimated the snake was 4 1/2 feet long. She attempted to throw the snake off but the snake started striking at her face and kept wrapping tighter around her arm. This is happening by the way while she is on the tractor mowing the lawn.

Peggy apparently yelled for help but her husband was on the other side of the property. Peggy was afraid the snake would bite her, but then the story got even crazier. As a hawk swooped in according to CNN.

Then, just when she thought the snake might bite her – injecting her with fatal venom and ushering in the end of her life – a brown and white hawk swooped down and tried to clench it.

But the serpent would not let go of Peggy’s arm.

Its grip was so tight that when the hawk grabbed it, Peggy’s entire arm jerked up in the air with the attempt.

The hawk tried again and again, its wings flapping in her face with each try, distorting her view of what was happening right in front of her.

All the while, the tractor kept mowing, zig-zagging Peggy – and the tug-of-war of nature unfolding upon her body – across the field in an ordeal she called “utter chaos.”

Many times in her life, Peggy had watched this exact same scenario play out in nature: Hawk sets its sights on its prey, swoops in to attack, drops it on a barbed-wire fence, then goes back to claim its prize.

The Battle Between Snake and Hawk Left Peggy Bloodied and in Pain

Peggy told CNN that the hawk dove at the snake and her arm four times. After the hawk grabbed the snake, that's when Peggy noticed the blood and the pain. Her right arm was covered in blood, cuts, claw marks, and lacerations. Below is picture taken and posted on Facebook by Wendell.

Doctors cleaned and bandaged her wounds and was given antibiotics. The couple stayed up during the night to check for signs of swelling, but thankfully there were none.


Peggy Jones. A tough Texas grandmother who took on a snake and a hawk, all while mowing the grass. Yeah, you bet she is tough.

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