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Do not feed the wild animals!

Warning: Do not play with or attempt to feed or hold raccoons if you see one in your area. That's the latest warning to some college students at the University of Texas in Austin.

The University of Texas at Austin Office of Campus Security warned students this week that they needed to watch out for racoons on campus. According to KXAN, at least three students have been bitten, leading them to have to get rabies shots as a precaution:

It says the raccoon may be threatened, especially if it has babies. The office also says the raccoons may be getting bolder, because people are feeding them.

“Please do not attempt to feed raccoons or any wildlife on campus,” the office further stated.

UT's Safety Office reminded students to be on alert for wildlife and of course go for medical attention if they ever get scratched or bitten by a raccoon or any other form of wildlife they encounter in Austin.

It's just another real-life example of how just because the animal may look cute and cuddly or wants you to pet it, it's still a wild animal, and just one bite or scratch could put you in some danger -- or at least lead to you having to get a shot.

Texas Tech students may not have to worry about raccoons, but the main campus has seen its fair share of foxes. You should probably leave them alone too just to be safe.

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