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Have you been stung, bitten, mauled, or chased by any type of animal or insect in Texas? If so, don't feel too bad. It's actually pretty common, according to new research that reveals which states have the most dangerous encounters between humans and animals.

A study done by found that since the year 2000, 559 people in Texas have died from dangerous encounters with animals, which really doesn't seem like a lot in a 22-year span.

According to their research, citizens have a 1 in 53,842 chance of being involved in a dangerous animal encounter in Texas -- whether it's being bitten, stung, chased or any other type of encounter you can think of.

According to their press release, Texas led in all categories when it came to dangerous encounters, which includes wasps, bees, and hornets:

The report that analyzed data since 2000 found Texas was the leading state for attacks having more than 200+ more than California which came in second. Texas ranked the highest across all categories par contact with other specified venomous arthropods, bitten or crushed by reptiles and fish.

Texas had the highest number of contacts with hornets, wasps, and bees – witnessing 196 cases since 2000.


Again, 196 cases in 22 years seems pretty low in the grand scheme of things. Maybe they're talking about an attack from a huge swarm of bees or wasps?

As far as the safest states, Vermont, North Dakota, and New Hampshire each had zero deaths attributed to wild animal encounters since 2000.

As people continue to move to Texas and our cities expand, we can probably expect more encounters with wildlife, both dangerous and not-so-dangerous.

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